Is College to Much Money?

Money doesn't grow on trees.

It is no secret college is expensive, but in the past few years, the prices of college has skyrockete

Kids dream about going to college and getting a good education, but college costs being to high, could turn those dreams down. College prices are getting way to high and if they don't change the percentage of people without jobs will keep increasing.

If college prices are not getting any lower, the percentage of people with stable jobs will decrease dramatically.

People with college degrees will have a better chance to get a stable job

Students with high school diplomas will be less likely have a stable job in life.

There is less and less college degrees being rewarded because less students are going to college

If you are born into a poor family and you are a smart student, it shouldn't be a struggle to get into college. As prices keep rising more and more, the struggle for good students to get into college will be worse and worse.

People that are born into a rich family but aren't very smart, will have an advantage over smart people born under a poor family. Prices keep rising and so will they people without jobs.
Why Is Higher Education So Expensive?

Many people think that college is worth the money and the price is fine the way it is.

Those people that think that in my opinion, have already been to college so they don't have to worry about it or they have enough money that again, they don't have to worry about it. Also, they think because many people get scholarships and other things but even with that, college is still priced way to high.

College prices are too high and are getting higher every year. As they get higher and higher, people with jobs are getting less and less.

As college prices get higher less people will get college degrees and more people will just have high school diplomas. More people will have stable jobs when you have a college degree and less people are getting them.