The United Kingdom

By: Akanksha Mehta, 1st Period

Travel to The United Kingdom

Do you love Harry Potter? What about tea and fish and chips? Or is One Direction your life? Well if you said yes to any of those questions then The United Kingdom is where you should go! England has everything from historic churches to concerts of the the world's most popular bands to sporting events. But regardless of your interest England has a place for everyone.

Food In The U.K.

Popular food in the U.K. consists of fish and chips, tea and biscuits, Haggis and Shepherd's Pie. Soccer is played everywhere in the U.K. and Manchester United is a well renowned team from the U.K.. Big Ben Tower and Buckingham Palace are famous sights in the U.K. Holidays in the U.K. are similar to the ones in the United States. Some of them include Easter, Christmas and New Year's Celebrations. But, in the U.K. there is also another holiday called Boxing Day where the lower class receives their Christmas presents from the upper classes.


The currency used in the U.K. is the British pound which is equal to about 1.58 US dollars. This is unique because most countries in Europe use the Euro.

Talk In The U.K.

English is the language spoken in the U.K.. However, the U.K. has a different dialect, accent and different sayings than in the U.S.. For example, in the U.S. we call the person who assists us on planes a "flight attendant" but in the U.K. they call them an "air hostess". They call cookies "tea biscuits" and fries "chips".


England has no recorded constitution. The laws are made by the legislature and even though they have a Queen she has no political power, which results in a constitutional monarchy. But Scotland, Wales and Ireland set up their own limited governments in 1999.


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10 British Pounds

This graph represents the percentage of each religion in the U.K..