Importance of BER Certification

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Building Energy Rating is what BER stands for and is one of the essential aspects for a building. As renting and purchasing of buildings have become one of the common aspects, attaining a BER certification would help in attaining higher rates for the same. With threats of global warming increasing with time, BER has become a point for people which they look into as it helps them in knowing whether the home they will be purchasing or taking on rent is energy efficient of not. With time, BER certificate has become a mandate for every household and dwelling.

How BER is done

There are professional companies available, which are offering their services of BER analysis. These professional companies hold surveys that help in determining the pattern of usage of all the energy efficient aspects in the house. In addition to this, heating patterns and ventilation process is also checked during the BER analysis. Once the BER analysis is done, the BER assessor will hand out some points of improvement along with estimated cost that will be involved with the same. The certificate that is obtained after the analysis is valid for ten years after which the process of evaluation is conducted again.

Why BER certification should be done

Listed below are the reasons why BER certification is done:

  • You will be able to know about waste expenses that you are experiencing along with which how you can save on them.
  • Information on the appliances that can be upgraded is also provided
  • Information about eco friendly gadgets are also provided
  • Ways on cutting down the expenses related to appliance at home and energy saving products is also assured

Points of BER

BER certification is made available for both non-residential and residential buildings. However, the norms of evaluation are different.

  • Validation for the certificate is 10 years and henceforth the rating quality should be good
  • If you are having a good BER rating, then you will be able to fetch more amounts for your home.
  • If a person is unable to get this certification, then a fine is levied for the same. In addition to this, it will even be a problem when you will be selling or renting out your home.
  • It is even beneficial during the economic recession period
  • As natural sources are the main points for certification, it is cost effective

Looking for BER assessor

As BER is an important aspect, it is essential to avail the services of professionals. You can search for BER assessor online as there are numerous web portals, which are providing information on the same. Once you get the information, you can cross check with other users who have attained the services. In addition to this, checking on the rates of assessment is also important.