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April 20, 2018

Notes from the Principal

We want our kids to be resilient--to be able to overcome hardship. It is a marker of successful people. And, we also want our kids to be safe and protected. We often want to shield them from hardship. We want them to feel supported. How can we accomplish both? In the classroom, the concept that combines the two of these is "productive struggle."

In math instruction, we often talk about giving children enough time for "productive struggle" before jumping in and leading them to the answer. When we do that, we just teach them to depend on us or unconsciously give them the message that they can't do it without our help. We try to ask questions like, "Where exactly are you stuck?" "What do you know so far?" "Where have you seen a problem like this before?" Not jumping in is hard. And, if we want kids to be resilient, stick-with-it adults, we need to give them plenty of opportunities to develop the trait as kids.

Here are some other places and ways we can help students to develop resilience, both in and out of school:

  • Keep things in perspective and nurture a hopeful, optimistic outlook. "What are you looking forward to?" "This is going to turn out well in the end"
  • Have a conversation after he/she finishes something hard. What have they learned? This helps kids begin to realize what they're made of.
  • Teach/talk with them about how change is a part of living. Our goals are always changing and adapting, just as we are.
  • Think about your child's network--family, friends, etc. We rely on the networks we build to support us when the going gets tough.
  • When something goes wrong, like they leave a bike outside and it rains, avoid "why" questions. "Why did you do that?" Instead, go for how. "How will you fix the rusted chain?"
  • Don't have all the answers; say "I don't know", and work through the solution with them. This models real-life problem-solving for kids.

Resilience doesn't suddenly develop when kids turn 16 or 18 or 21. It is built gradually over time through hundreds of smaller actions. It's often easier to just answer the question or do it for them, but in the long run, it may not give us the outcome we want. Thinking back on your childhood, what experiences helped you to become a resilient adult?

The above is based in large part on the resources below. Check them out!



Spotlight on Second Grade

Second graders have been learning about digital literacy while learning about different continents, which is part of their social studies content for the year. Students learned how to use videos to find specific information about their topics. It was so neat to see them pause to make note of something they found, or re-wind to find a chunk they missed!

They used videos, websites, and books to collect information about the 7 different continents.

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PE With Mr. Warneke

We're glad to have Mr. Warneke back after he spent a month on paternity leave with his new son, Brayden. Rollerskaing, the most anticipated and feared unit of the year, is underway! Thank you for your support!
4th Grade Artwork:  Color Blending and Variations on Origami

EHSA Update

Thank you to those that came out for April EHSA meeting. Mrs. Malkovich and Mrs. Boyd were able to share information about the full day K4 program starting next year, and some of the changes that will be happening at Edgewood to accommodate a second K4 classroom.

Now is a great time to get involved! Our May and June meetings will be very important. We will be planning our end of the year and beginning of the year events- including the back to school picnic and fall fundraisers. We will also be holding board elections for EHSA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Meetings begin at 6:30, join us at 6:15 for treats and socializing. Children are welcome.

We are working to increase our parent communication to those that cannot make it to meetings, but would like to stay involved. If you are not on our email list- please email ehsagreenfield@gmail.com and we will add you.

Looking ahead:

May 8th 6:30 PM EHSA Meeting: 2018-2019 Event calendar including fundraisers and volunteer opportunities

May 11th 2 PM - Edgewood Walkathon with the Brewers Racing Sausages (fundraising forms will be in Thursday Folders)

June 12th 6:30 PM EHSA Meeting: EHSA Board Elections and planning beginning of the year events

Know any kids who will be in K4 next year? Or have new kids in the neighborhood?

Do you have a child who will be in K4 in the fall? Do you know anyone who will? Or see new kids in the neighborhood? Please encourage them to enroll early. This helps us to have the right staffing to meet student needs. You can enroll by:

1) Visiting the District Office located at: 4850 S. 60th St., Greenfield, WI 53220

2) Visiting the District Website: http://greenfield1.schooldesk.net/Parents/Enrollment-Information

Earn money for our EHSA when you shop on Amazon!

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Upcoming Dates

4/23-4/24: 4th Grade Forward Testing*

4/25-4/30: 3rd Grade Forward Testing*

*If you're scheduling appointments these days, it'd be helpful to schedule them later in the afternoon so that students have time to complete the exams.

4/27: Coffee with the Principal, 8-8:30am in the Learning Commons--all parents/guardians are welcome!

5/7-5-11: Teacher Appreciation Week

5/11: Walk-a-thon (2:00 at school)

5/25: No School, Professional Learning

5/28: No School, Memorial Day

6/7: Field Day--Mr. Warneke will be sending out a volunteer sign-up in the near future

6/7: Last Day of School for K4

6/8: Last Day of School (Early Release)

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