The Indian mongoose

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Important facts about the Indian Mongoose

The indian mongoose has no predators and to make it no bettor it gives birth 3-4 times a year. Each time it gives birth it has 4-12 babies. That is 12-48 babies a year! The only other animal that can stop it is the cobra which has no fighting against the fast, swift and deadly mongoose. If you don't believe me watch the video below. The mongoose was brought to Guam in 1872 to take care of a rat problem by some fools.

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The Indian mongoose The killing machine

The most important thing about the indian mongoose is that it is an amazing killer. It kills animals such as very poisonous snakes such as the one in the video above, small reptiles, and small birds. The bad part is that when snakes, small birds, or small reptiles die out what will be next? Maybe humans? Whatever it is I don't want to find out. Due to it's Violent thirst for blood it has put many reptialian species into extinction.

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The sound

You might be wondering what an indian mongoose sounds like. Well if you are wondering just that open this link and look around you will see it.

Solutions for vanquishing the indian mongoose

since the indian mongoose has no predators we have to take action. With the indian mongoose eating snakes and lots of small birds I think hunters should slow down on the other animals and go for the indian mongoose. It is meat which most hunters like. And a indian mongoose somewhere is born every minute. I think we should start taking action now. If we can start gathering hunters and put them in Hawaii we could at least get rid of them in America.

The damage of the beast

It has forced many small reptilian species into extinction and is killing off many birds which has cost hunters about $5,000,000 dollars a year. Thanks to it's thirst for reptile blood the insect population has gone up. What is it going to eat when there is no more reptiles and birds left? Humans, dogs,cats, or finally eat what it was brought here for...RATS!?

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