CPS Instructional Cycles

Together We Grow

Cycle 1 Reflections

The Instructional Cycle Committee met to prepare for next week's Cycle 1 reflection meeting. We are really excited to hear your feedback about Instructional Cycle 1 and thoughts on how to improve our future cycles. Feedback is essential for growth so we hope that you are willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Based on informal feedback, we have already started to incorporate some changes. To make the most of our time together on Wednesday, we would like to ask that you come to the meeting with new or revised topics you would like to see added to our existing options as well a person or small group of people with whom you might want to work. Remember that this is not an "expert" led group, it is a group with a common goal who are willing to grow and learn from each other. As we often say to our students, think carefully about your topics and groups as we all know the greatest growth occurs when we are pushed outside our comfort zones.

In addition to the notes shared in our Instruction Cycle Sheet, we would like a volunteer from each group to do a 90 second or less share out at the meeting--what went well, what did not go well, how can we make it better?

We will continue to use the Pineapple Chart for observations and we will update the Instructional Cycle sheet prior to the beginning of our second cycle. We are still working on revising some dates and hope to have a draft prepared by meeting time on Wednesday.

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