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In the Classroom

Bring the excitement of entrepreneurship to the classroom

Kids are natural born entrepreneurs. With our Mega Workshop, your class will learn how to have fun, earn money, and save for the future. This is a very hands-on and visual class.

Topics include:

What's in a Name - Choosing a name for your business
Live What You Love - Choosing a business that is best suited to your skills and talents
Dollars & Sense - A business approach to economics, savings, and Investing
Marketing & Media - How to create your brand, digital content, and spread the word.
Social Media - Navigating the network
Perfect Pitch - Learn how to pitch your product
Get Focused - Utilize our peer focus groups
Go For the Goal - How to set and achieve your goals

Class includes: Class instruction, duct tape demo and product, autographed spiral bound book/workbook combo, goodie bag, and certificate of completion.

Cost per student: $20

25 student minimum

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