Final Project

Who do I want to become?

What do i want to become? This is a big question I often as myself and now that i am approaching my senior year. This is question is now a reality. I want to become a man who lives there life through the eyes of God. I want to live my life as pure as I can live it. When the time comes and I get married, I want to be the best husband that I can be. Or if we have kids, i want to be the best father that i can be. Because that is what i want to become. Someone who grows up to be pure and lives a life of chastity until that special someone comes around!!!!!

What are your dreams in life?

I have a lot of dreams, and a lot of things that I want to do or be in my life. First, growing up in a Catholic school has impacted me on my dreams in life. Having an awesome religion teacher and being taught about TOB has also impacted me. I want to be a amazing husband and father. But besides that, I would like to help others. I have always been interesting in military and actually criminal justice. So I plan on getting my degree in criminal justice and criminal psychology. Then possible joining the military.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Like I said above, my senior year is right around the corner, and sooner or later I will be graduating. In 5 years, after highschool, I see myself hopefully going to college and just really enjoying life. I would like to move down to Florida and go to college. My aunt and uncle live down there. Life is full of adventures. So it is still early for me to say what I am going to do. But hopefully God has an amazing plan for me in 5 years!!

Where is Christ in your life?

Growing up, my family did not always go to church. Considering my parents are divorce, Sometimes we would go and sometimes we wouldn't. I went to a non catholic small school all my life. And I always wished that i could go to a catholic school and just a bigger school in general. So, God answered my prayers and allowed me to go to St. Michael's. Coming to this school I feel like my relationship with christ has grown A LOT!


"Love Must Be Sincere. Hate What Evil Is; Cling To What Is Good.

- Romans 12:9

What do you believe is your vocation?

I still do not know what my vocation is. But I feel as if i am here to help others. I want to help others actually. I love to make people laugh and to make people feel good. I think that is what I was called to do!