with Katalin Axmann


Yoga has so many benefits: relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, creating a sense of balance and wellbeing in the body and one's life, building strength, increasing flexibility, and more. Looking for a sweat-including cardio workout? You'll move and groove working all the major muscle groups. This class emphasizes poses that work the core.

Yoga Class

Saturday, Sep. 8th 2012 at 8-9am

1532 W Gray St

Houston, TX

FIT Athletic Club-Martial Arts Room
Telephone: 713.STAY.FIT | Fax: 713.529.5727
Hours: 5 AM to 11 PM Mon - Fri, 8 AM to 8 PM Sat - Sun

About Katalin Axmann

Katalin is an energetic health & wellness professional with multiple years experience in worksite health promotion and individual fitness. She excels at coaching and motivating individuals and small groups to pursue the benefits of exercise, relaxation, and nutrition. Graduating with honors from California University of Pennsylvania, Katalin earned a Master’s Degree in Health Science and Health Promotion. With an unparalleled passion for promoting healthy living, Katalin enjoys adding value to the lives of others. As a Lululemon Ambassador, she presents in several health and wellness workshops, retreats and fundraiser events. Currently, she partners with area hospitals to promote yoga therapy as a form of treatment intervention. Katalin is a yogini of The Kriya Lineage and thankful to the yoga teachers who have influenced her journey towards the path of liberation. And to her parents, she is eternally grateful for the blessed gift of Life.


A minimum of 5 people required for the class to be held.


Please, send an RSVP email to Jennifer Smith:
For more information: (713) 520-1937 x 283