Gurleen Grewal

All About Me

Who am I

I am Gurleen and I am a very unique person.

Generous, because i want to help people all the time

Unique because of my weirdness around my friends/family

Reliable, when ever someone need something thing i will have it

Loyal, I all was for be nice and kind to everyone

Entertaining, I always make other people have fun or make them laugh

Experienced, when anyone needs help i will always tell them and if i do not know i will ask the teacher and then i will explain to them

Nice really kind to everyone and respect other

My life line

My favorite things

1) dance

2) Do my hair/ make up/ nail

3) shopping

I love to dance because when ever there is a party my sister, cousin sister and me , we would perform and everyone know, they just have to tell us and we will say "OK we will do it". I just sit in my room and watch you tube video about how to do hair and make up and nail. i would always do it with them so i know what they are talking about. i love shopping because i can chill with my friend.

My Schooling

I moved to 5 different school

1) Great lake public school

2)Stanley mills public school

3)Carberry public school

4) Lougheed middle school

5) Louise Arbor secondary school

I really didn't have any bad time but i just had to leave my friends behind. The best part is that i had the best friends ever!!!!

My Friends

the top 5 thing to keep your best friend

1) have fun

2) listen to your friends

3) have no fights

4) loyal


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People in my life

my favorite person in the world before my parents. she just want the best for me. she would never let you do work or she never needs help, she just help people and that what i do. when people ask me if i need help i would say "no" because if my grandma can do it i can do it. she is the best person ever.

My future

Right now i have no plans but after this course I would know what my future is going to be.

Family symobols

personality test results

Section I: Your Career Type

This section describes your top interest area.


Your primary interest area is Artistic, which means you are a creator interested in imagination, self-expression, and artistic experience. Creators enjoy drama, fine arts, music, and creative writing. They like to work with visual elements such as forms, colors, and patterns.

Creators like an unstructured work environment where they can be free to express their individuality. They usually like to avoid work settings with a lot of strict rules or standard procedures that must be followed.

Creators like their work best when they can think outside the box and put their own personal spin on what they do. As a Creator, your primary career goal will be to find a job where you can use your imagination and solve creative problems in a unique and original way.

Some sample careers for Creators include graphic designer, musician, journalist, novelist, and architect.

Section II: Your Score Summary

In this section, you will see how you scored for each of the 6 interest areas.


Building careers are those that involve mechanics and construction, working with machines, or using physical skills. Builders are often attracted to careers in the military or law enforcement, construction, mechanics, and athletics.

Your interest level for the Building career area is low.


Thinking careers are those that involve research, analysis, and solving abstract or theoretical problems. Thinkers are often attracted to careers in the sciences, computers and technology, mathematics, and medicine.

Your interest level for the Thinking career area is moderate.


Creating careers are those that involve artistic expression, imagination, and the creative use of language. Creators are often attracted to careers in performing or visual art, music, writing, and all areas of design. Your interest level for the Creating career area is high.


Helping careers are those that involve assisting, teaching, or taking care of other people. Helpers are often attracted to careers in education, counseling, health care, social service, and human resources.

Your interest level for the Helping career area is high.


Persuading careers are those that involve leading, influencing, or managing others. Persuaders are often attracted to careers in business, management, sales, retail, and entrepreneurship.

Your interest level for the Persuading career area is moderate.


Organizing careers are those that involve managing data, files, and processes. Organizers are often attracted to careers in accounting, computers and information systems, administration, and office management.

Your interest level for the Organizing career area is low.

Section III: Exploring Careers

Now that you know what your top interest areas are, it's time to put that information to work! You can now search for careers based on your interest profile.

Take a moment to review your results for each of the 6 interest areas. Choose one or two interest areas that sound the most appealing to you. Also, choose one or two areas that you know are not right for you.

Have a good idea of your top interest areas, and the ones you want to avoid? Great! You're going to use this information to search our careers database. Click the button below to open up the search tool. It will open in a new window, so you can easily refer back to this page if you need to

23% Visual

45% Auditory

27% Kinesthetic

Right Brain||||||||||40%

Left Brain||||||||||||||||70%

Jung Test Results

Extroverted (E) 50% Introverted (I) 50%
Sensing (S) 56% Intuitive (N) 44%
Feeling (F) 65% Thinking (T) 35%
Perceiving (P) 65% Judging (J) 35%

Orange 17

Green 11

Blue 18

gold 17


My multiple intelligence was more accurate because I love to listen to someone talk about the book or read it to me but i never like reading. The left brain and right brain was not helpful because it explain how well i was in the category. I am a blue which is Harmonious,

I am crave positive, i have close relation with my friend, I see all the side of the issue, and i am also valves the feeling of others. I am shy like i can't talk in a large amount of crowed. My weaknesses are that i can get too confident, i am not great at numbers and skills required in building. These series of tests have not taken me to surprise because I have had a knowledge of where I stood in each test.