Festivals in Ecuador

By Kenyu Jones

Day of the dead

In Ecuador they are most famous for their colorful festivals. Ecuadorians celebrate in style with fireworks,drinking,music and dancing. One festival that is celebrated all over Ecudaor is Dayof the Dead. Held on November 2nd. This festival is remember the love ones who have passed away. Families still make the "colada morada" made from black corn flour and fruit and "guaguas" bread shaped as a small child. Thousands of people clean and decorate the graves
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Fiestas de Quito

This festival is from November28-Dec6. During this festival there are nativity reenactments,bullfights,traditional dancing and carnivals in the old town. There are also opera shows on Dec.6 the capitals mayor starts the traditional celebration in the Plaza de San Francisco. On Dec.5 people gather on the streets to enjoy music and canelazo. Which is rum no cinnamon. They also have parades which include the best marching bands
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Pase del Nino

Means Passing of the Child. It's a mix of the religious and the profane. This is a festival of Thanksgiving and homage which combines Catholic and Indigenous. This parade is 8 hours long and during this there are floats,cars decorated with flowers,fruits,bands,dancers,stilt walkers, and various biblical characters. A baby Jesus is carried through the towns. The parade takes place on Christmas Eve, but Pase del Nino begins on e Sunday after advent
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