SMS Scoop

April 27, 2018

Art and Talent Show TONIGHT

Art show doors open at 5:30 PM tonight! Come view the work of our talented middle school artists! The art show is in the cafeteria and attendance is free. The talent show starts at 6 PM in the Great Room. Talent show admission is $3 and light refreshments will be available at intermission. Join in the fun tonight at SMS and best of luck to all artists and talent show performers! Thanks to Mrs. Zeigenbein, Mrs. Boley, and Ms. Kruth for their good work on the show! Thanks also to emcee Johnathon Perkinson and lighting director Colton Whobrey!

eLearning Day May 8th

What are you going to do eLearning Day? Have you decided yet? Please discuss this with your family this weekend. We'll be taking a survey during homeroom Monday to get a tentative count for students that plan to choose the ON CAMPUS option and for students that choose the OFF CAMPUS option!

Please review the details in the article below. This is the article that was shared with your parents earlier this week! Thanks!

eLearning Day May 8th

SCSD2 will have an eLearning Day on Tuesday, May 8th. May 8th was an original "no school day" due to Election Day polling precinct activity in some schools. Now May 8th will serve as our snow make-up day from March 21st. May 8th will also be an early dismissal professional development day for teachers (replacing the day set for May 16th).

SMS students will have two choices as to their activities for that day. They can complete their assignments on campus or off campus.


Students may spend eLearning day at SMS. Bus routes will run normal morning hours. Students can be dropped off after 7 AM. Students can walk or bike to campus as normal.

Breakfast will be served.

Students will report to homeroom at 8:05 and participate in a homeroom rotation where they spend 45 minutes in each of their core subjects and the related arts class assigned for the day. When in class, they will be expected to complete the online assignments prepared for them. Teachers will be there to assist as needed. A sack lunch will be served for all students requesting a meal. Music students will be allowed to complete their online performance tests during the day. Students will be dismissed at 12:55 and all bus routes will run at that time.

Students who attend eLearning Day on campus will get credit for attendance and grades for all work submitted.


Students may stay home on eLearning Day and complete their assigned any time during the eLearning window. The eLearning window opens on Friday, May 4th and ends at midnight on Friday, May 12th. All of the eLearning Day activities will be posted for students on May 5th. Students can complete that work any time in the next seven days at any location. Students without home internet can download the work on May 4th and submit it any time until midnight, May 11th.

Teachers will be available via phone or Canvas email between 8 AM and 1 PM on May 8th for any student or parent with a question. Teachers can also answer eLearning Day work questions at any time during the entire eLearning window (May 5th to 12th).

Students will get credit for attendance on May 8th if they submit their work to teachers before midnight on Friday, May 11th. All work submitted during the eLearning window will be graded.


1. Can my child do the eLearning work ahead of the eLearning day?

Yes! Your child can complete work any time in the eLearning window.

2. What if we don't have internet?

Not having home internet is not a problem. Your child can download eLearning Day assignments any time between May 5th and May 12th.

3. What if I do not have 'take home' privileges on my iPad?

Students currently leaving their iPads at school overnight will be allowed to take them home on Monday, May 7th and will return them on Wednesday, May 9th. Parents who do not want iPads home, should contact Miss Nass.

4. If my child completes work before May 8th, can he/she still come to SMS May 8th?

Yes. Your child is welcome to come to school on May 8th. He/she should bring a book as no new assignments will be created on that day.

5. What are the rules for May 8th?

All school rules will apply for that day. Students will not be able to leave before 12:55 unless signed out by a parent. Early signout will result in a 'half-day absence' if it occurs before noon.

6. What if my child stays home on May 8th and does not complete the assigned work?

If this occurs, the student will be counted absent for May 8th and also will take zero grades for the missing assignments. This is not a good plan!

Spring Pictures are HERE

Spring pictures have arrived! Students will have the opportunity to view their picture packages for during lunch on Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1 in the Great Room. If students like them, they can sign them out and take them home to parents and guardians. If a student signs out a package there are three choices-

  1. Return the entire, uncut package

  2. Keep all pictures and return a check or cash for the full amount.

  3. Keep some pictures and return remaining pictures and money for those purchased.

Remember, if you sign out your portrait package you are promising to return the photos or pay for them. Students who sign out a portrait package but do not return money or the photos will not be able to participate in their team’s end of year celebration.

Students that did not return or pay for last year's packages will not be able to sign for packages this year. Parents of students with this unpaid debt can view (and purchase) pictures through the office.

Money and full or partial picture packages will be collected in the mornings outside of the Great Room starting Wednesday, May 2. Money for picture packages will be due by Wednesday, May 9. Checks can be made payable to Lifetouch.

Thank you for supporting the Voyager team!

New Hall Pass Pilot Starts Soon

SMS is piloting a new hall pass system in May. Starting approximately May 3rd, SMS will be using eHallPass. eHallPass will be a web clip on your iPad. When you need to leave a classroom for the office, the restroom, locker, drinking fountain, etc, you will open the pass and mark where you want to go. Your teacher will then initiate the pass on your iPad. When you return, the teacher will mark you back in... on your iPad. Staff members will be able to track your pass history and the administration has the ability to limit pass numbers for students. We're excited to try this new system and believe it will help us with safety and supervision! More information will come to you in next week's Scoop!

Showcase Assembly

We plan to have an SMS Showcase Assembly on Tuesday, May 1st from 8:15 to 9:00 AM. All students are invited. We'll showcase the top talent show performers as well as the winter guard. The Student Council will also kick of a Dude, Be Nice initiative! See you in the West Gym on May 1st!

Summer Fun

Middle and high school students are invited to attend a Health Career Discovery Program at Schneck Medical Center in Seymour from 9 AM-noon June 25th through 29th. If you are interested in learning more about surgeons, imaging technologists, pediatricians, hospitalists, robotic surgery, nursing, rehabilitation therapists, infection prevention, emergency service workers and more, pick up a flyer in the SMS office.

Current seventh and eighth grade students interested in law enforcement careers should pick up an application for the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Camp held in Brown County, IN July 9-11th. Campers will learn about law enforcement careers and will participate in leadership, marching, swimming, marksmanship, obstacle course training and more. Swing by the office if you need an application.

Next Week...

Mon. Apr. 30: A day, Spring Picture Review, Tennis v. Seymour, Baseball Gold @ Henryville

Tue. May 1: B day, Spring Picture Review, Showcase Assembly 8:15, Baseball Purple @ Borden, Softball @ Salem

Wed. May 2: A day, Cross 7:15am, Builders' Club 3-4, Track v. Madison, Tennis v. Salem, Baseball Gold v. Seymour, Softball @ Silver Creek

Thu. May 3: B day, Student Council 7:15am, Tennis @ Southwestern, Baseball Purple @ South Ripley, Golf @ MSC tourney, Track v. East Washington

Fri. May 4: A day, eLearning window opens (assignments available), Builders' Club project 3-6pm

Sat. May 5: Golf @ Brownstown