What-Where-Who Is NCOCC?

Let us introduce ourselves!

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NCOCC = North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative


You may see emails from us, class offerings, or even our faces at your school district but WHO ARE WE and WHAT do we provide to your district?

In laymen terms we are often behind-the-scenes support for your everyday tasks from taking attendance to entering grades > setting up schedules and assigning lockers > creating IEPs or 504 plans > assisting your fiscal personnel with payroll > and helping your EMIS coordinator gain funding for your school. Although, you may never see some of our faces, we support your district in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What are we really?

We are an organization that provides services to school districts and other agencies. NCOCC is a regional Information Technology Center (ITC). There are a multitude of other regional Information Technology Centers across the state. NCOCC's member districts are comprised of local, city, exempted village, community schools and a career center. Services are also provided to chartered nonpublic schools and other educational service providers. Each year over 28,000 students benefit from NCOCC's services.
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1495 W Longview Ave
Mansfield, OH 44906
P: 419-747-8660

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Our Team

Below is a list of the team members that make up NCOCC. You will see that the majority of them have been with NCOCC since its inception and they remain vigilant in providing the best support possible for their area of expertise. Having little, to no, turnover allows for NCOCC to provide unsurpassed support and expert assistance.
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Andy Melick - Executive Director - Programmer/Network Support

Began working at NCOCC in 2002

Andy Melick has worked at NCOCC since 2002. Prior to working at NCOCC, Andy worked at the Shelby City Schools in the Technology Department. He primarily focuses on supporting the districts with Virtual Infrastructure, Backup, Cloud deployments, Wireless, Server, and SAN implementations. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. When not researching new technology Andy enjoys long distance running, traveling with his wife, and fishing.

Diane Leicy - Technical Secretary

20 years with NCOCC

Diane specializes in assisting with the flow of support to correct personnel when calls come in, setting up meetings, creating certificates for seat hours, handling accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as maintaining the typical day-to-day necessities of NCOCC.

She grew up in Ashland County, attended Mansfield Business College and NCTC, and has lived and worked her adult life in Richland County. She enjoys golfing, skiing, and traveling to renew her soul, along with spending time with her animals, friends and family.

Tammy Bole - Fiscal Coordinator

12 years with NCOCC

Tammy's primary responsibility is Fiscal support of State software; EIS, USAS and USPS applications.

She has a Bachelor of Science from Ashland University and has previously worked in a variety of fiscal positions. Her prior experience as a student accounts representative, student loan officer, payroll clerk, and assistant treasurer helped prepare her for the many 'hat's she wears in her fiscal role at NCOCC. She has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, reading and going to auctions/flea markets to hunt for furniture to refinish.

Susan Baughman - Fiscal Liaison/Kiosk State Support

23 years with NCOCC

Susan assists district staff in a variety of ways. She assists library staff with circulating and maintaining the resources they have in their building and the resources provided by INFOhio. She provides support for the Employee Kiosk software to NCOCC district staff as well as being the first line of support across the entire state.

Susan has spent her 27 years of service assisting schools in a variety of ways from special education to state support. Susan enjoys living in the Mansfield area with her husband and two girls. She loves spending time with her family.

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What is EMIS?

"The Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a statewide data collection system for Ohio's primary and secondary education, including demographic information, attendance, course information, financial data, and test results." (Ohio Department of Education)

EMIS = School Funding

Sandy Sparr - EMIS Coordinator

27 years with NCOCC

Sandy specializes in all things EMIS including, but not limited to, compliance and reporting for both staff and student data, numerous trainings on EMIS reporting, new EMIS coordinator trainings, and assisting districts with troubleshooting data reporting.

Janet Snyder -EMIS/INFOhio Liaison

18 years with NCOCC

Janet assists with EMIS reporting, training, and troubleshooting. She also helps support media specialists/librarians/library aides with INFOhio.

Prior to working at the ITC, she worked as an EMIS coordinator for a local school district. She enjoys reading and going to local school sporting events supporting several local teams.
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What is INFOhio?

INFOhio is a statewide cooperative system that offers electronic resources for schools, instructional enhancement and development for educators, and library automation.

"INFOhio transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio." (INFOhio.org)

Kalin Wilburn - Staff Development/INFOhio Coordinator

11 years with NCOCC

When she isn't working in areas of staff development, or Progressbook, Kalin also works with librarians to support their use of the INFOhio software. She has been an iCoach, with INFOhio, for 4 years, and during that time was focused on staff development for educators in utilizing INFOhio online resources. Her role has since expanded into the library realm and she is looking forward to learning something new and facing challenges head on that might arise.

Janet Snyder - INFOhio/EMIS Liaison

When Janet isn't supporting the EMIS area she is working alongside Kalin to support the district media specialists, librarians, and library aides with INFOhio. Her expertise is invaluable to the INFOhio support that NCOCC provides its member districts.
Our Student Services Department

Progressbook Suite support (Gradebook, DataMap, VirtualClassroom, StudentInformation, SpecialServices)

What is SIS - Student Information System?

Student Information Systems (SIS) are web-based applications designed to provide a conducive and cohesive exchange of information, with other applications that a school is utilizing, for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Listed below is some of the functionality our Student Information System provides:

  • State Reporting
  • Student Registration
  • Student Scheduling
  • Master Scheduler
  • Calendars
  • Fees
  • Transcripts
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • Medical
  • Report Writer
  • and much more!

LuAnn Trumpower - Student Services Coordinator

38 years with NCOCC

LuAnn Trumpower has been with NCOCC for 37 years. She supports the Progressbook Suite with StudentInformation as her primary focus.

She is married to Scott and has 3 children and 9 grandchildren. LuAnn enjoys traveling, crafting, reading, gardening, spending time with family and caring for her cats when she’s not working. Please call LuAnn with any PB related support or training items and she will be glad to help you out!!!!

What is Gradebook?

"From tracking attendance and managing lesson plans to calculating grades and generating student report cards, GradeBook is the solution teachers rely on to handle key administrative tasks with ease and efficiency. " (Software Answers, Inc.)

Some of the key functionality Gradebook provides:

  • Student data automatically loads and updates in real-time from StudentInformation to GradeBook
  • Daily teacher activities, such as taking attendance, updates records in Studentinformation and verify data needed for state reporting
  • Student report card grades are automatically calculated as teachers post grades in GradeBook
  • Grades can appear as points, letter grades, percentages, or pluses and minuses
  • Set up custom grading scales to match the structure used by your school
  • Accommodates straight averages, weighted averages, and combinations of both
  • Supports rubrics and other advanced/non-numeric scales
  • Manage lesson plans and class assignments
  • Align state standards to instruction and assessments
  • Take attendance - in homeroom, by period, or both
  • Create seating charts with student photos
  • Make discipline referrals

Leslie Wiseman - Student Services Liaison

25 years with NCOCC

Leslie supports the Progressbook Suite with Gradebook and Special Services as her primary focus. Please call Leslie with any PB related support or training items and she will be glad to help you out!!!!

She is married to Todd and has a 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter. Leslie graduated from Northmor, where she also coaches JV/Varsity Cheerleading, and is always supporting the Golden Knights! She holds an Associates degree in Computer Science from NCTC. She loves to travel and also enjoys spending time with her family. She also loves a good Fast and Furious Movie!

Kalin Wilburn - Staff Development/INFOhio Coordinator

11 years with NCOCC

Kalin helps Leslie support the Gradebook portion of the Progressbook Suite but her primary focus is on district professional development. She has extensive knowledge in Learning Management Systems (LMS'), Google Apps for Education, SmartBoard applications, the Microsoft Office Suite, and is fervent in keeping up on the constant changes in educational technology. She is eager to assist your district with their educational training needs just contact her to setup a date and time! Training can take place at NCOCC, at your district, in a classroom, or via a webinar - whatever works best for your staff!

She has a Bachelor's from Heidelberg University in English and Philosophy with a Master's in Education from The Ohio State University. Her teaching license is in middle grades (4-9) for English Language Arts and Social Studies. She has been married for 16 years to an amazing orchestra teacher and has two wonderful children.

Terry Baker - Network Administrator

28 years with NCOCC

Design, implement and maintain critical infrastructure. IT support for Wide Area Network as well as Local Area Networks.

Mark Baughman - Network Technician

7 years with NCOCC

Mark provides support to districts for wireless access and phone configuration and maintenance.

Mark has 21 years of experience in a variety of technology areas as he has worked in the private and now education sector.

Mark Banks - Network Technician

21 years with NCOCC

Mark brings over thirty years of experience to his position of Network Support Technician. Mark's primary responsibility is management of network operations for our member school districts which includes: configuring networks, UPS maintenance, firewall management, VPN services, and web filter management.

Mark is a graduate of Mansfield Christian High School and his Electrical Engineering training came from the Devry Institute of Technology, North Central State College, and The Ohio State University.