Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 5 June 2015

What have we done this week?

We have:

  • Practiced rhyming and made up our own pairs of rhyming words linked to minibeasts
  • Looked at good features of poetry and identified them in Minibeast poems
  • Learnt (parts of) poems by heart and performed them to each other
  • Made minibeasts using paper and found objects that are symmetrical and located the line of symmetry
  • Learnt lots of new Minibeast facts!

Next Week

  • Creating descriptions of minibeasts we found outside and writing our own poem
  • Making a fingerprint Minibeast picture, then writing instructions to accompany it
  • Recapping the addition and subtraction using a blank number line
  • Sorting and classifying minibeasts


Please remember to send in a water bottle every day.

The children are aiming for 1000 points a week on Mathletics - please encourage your child to use either RM Maths or Mathletics several times a week.