4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ February 11, 2016

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Learning Targets of the Week


*Add fractions with and without like denominators


*Use apostrophes accurately to signify possessive nouns in writing

* Determine the meaning of a word by naming a synonym

*Identify sequence of events in a text

*Use text information to visualize

Social Studies

* Identify pioneers and their reasons for traveling west


*Identify properties of minerals


*Identify ways to prepare for Easter through prayer, penance, and doing good works

You're Kind of a Big Deal

Pennies for Lent- During this Lent, Fourth graders are encouraged to collect pennies to donate to St. Vincent de Paul. Our goal is to fill the jar in the classroom by Easter.

Other Important Dates

Monday, Feb. 22nd: Prayer Test on Apostle's Creed

Friday, Feb. 26th: February Passport Check Day

Monday, March 21st: Lenten Cross Project Due