Digital citizenship

By Jania Knott

Digital Footprint

Never go on a website that is bad for you somebody could easily track you down and put you on the internet because it can give you a virus and blackout not a blackout because if you do get a blackout it going to be 10 through 20 minutes long.

Username and Password

If you ever go to a website that needs your Email,Password or your Username make sure you have your parent with you and have your parents Email because if you put your then somebody might look up you and it will hack you and it would not be right if somebody looking at your profile.

Traffic Light

This is a picture of showing you about what website you may know or not.

Red is for a website that your going to need a adult next to you or a site that doesn't need your information

Yellow is a website that not for you or one that ask for your information like were you live or how old you.

Green is a website that is right for you. A site that your age and for kids too.

What Would Grandma Say. (WWGS)

Hey do know what grandma would say. I know what my grandma would say. Fist she will tell me what app you on. And i would say I'm a website that for kids and its free and i don't have to put my email or password i can just go on. And then she will check it out first to see if I'm telling the truth then she will let get back on if she says it is a game you may play.

Cyber Bulling

You should never Cyber bulling somebody offline if you do the person you bullying the might tell somebody like there parents or a teacher then you will be in big trouble. Another thing if you you Cyber Bullying is you may get a virus too.