Anna's flute solo 1A

Anna Engebretson

About Me

Hi my name is Anna Engebretson I am a 6th grader at Discovery middle school and I play the flute. With my flute I will be playing Elegy by John Tyndall. I'm playing Elegy because right when I saw the music it spoke to me. My hobbies are softball, tennis, and hockey I love to paint and be an artist. I have great friend and they are really fun to play with. I have 6 family members, they are my mom Lisa, my dad Peter, My two brothers Ethan and Alex, my dog Rudy, and my cat Mikey.

Interesting things about my song

I am playing the song Elegy it is really interesting it has lots of everything. I really like how it has so many slurs and ties they take my breath away literally. The song just says so much about me it's crazy then it gets soft then is gets crazy again just like me. I I really like how the notes get high and low then high and low and just keep going on. Another thing I really like is how there are surprises in the song like how John Tyndall puts some titi's in the song.

What I learned and enjoyed

There are many things about this project that I loved. Like how my friends are doing the same song. They're doing the same song so we got to practice together. While doing this project I learned that learning a song can take a long time. I always say how easy it is to learn a song but now I know it's not. Another thing I learned is I have to use my time wisely. Lucky for me I did use my time wisely this time. I really enjoyed practicing the song and I hope I do good when I performing it.


Adagio-slow tempo, 3/4- hold for three counts , multiple measure rest- more than one rest, mp- mezzo piano-half soft, slur- don't tongue the notes put them altogether, crescendo- increase in volume, decrescendo- decrease in volume, tie-connects notes, mf- mezzo forte- moderately soft,f- forte-loud,p-piano-soft,b-flat e-flat time signature- The first part of the song that tells you which notes to play.