Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way!

House Meetings

Katorthono (cafeteria)/Pneustos (gym)in whole group-

Play inside/outside circle game: “If you have blue eyes, step in the circle” (questions will be in your boxes)

+discuss that we need to respect one another’s difference

Arete/Parakaleo meet in mini houses-

+Your group may need to find a different meeting location if you previously met in the gym or cafeteria.

+Watch video of scenarios-pause and reflect after each scenario, then use scenario cards to discuss.

Goal: identify the conflict and how to solve the problem

Unity Day - Wednesday, October 21st

+Encourage students to wear orange-supporting those who have been bullied and are uniting to make a difference.

Plans for Unity Day

+Teach the Wylie Way lesson during Social Studies (found in forethought under Social Studies/Wylie Way/Unity Day)

+Each Grade level will make One Orange sign Caution sign that says Bully Free Zone. All students will sign it and we will display them in the grade level hallway

+Each class will take students to the designated location to write with chalk anti bully messages:

Fourth grade-Main entrance and sidewalk

Third grade-Sidewalks leading out of gym/restroom for parent walk ups

Second grade-Playground sidewalks

First grade-Playground basketball area

Kinder-Sidewalk by buses

+Decorate main hallway with orange (office/Wylie Way committee will do)

FSGPT - What it is and Why?

What is Frequent, Small-Group, Purposeful Talk?

"It is the practice where, after every ten to fifteen minutes of teacher-driven discussion, or at the completion of a major instructional concept, the teacher briefly stops talking and has groups of two to four students briefly discuss a seed question related to the instruction or activity." (p.51)

Why do this?

Research shows it increases retention via interaction, collaboration, and participation. You are essentially is checking for understanding! I saw Mrs. Freeman doing this last week...it was an excellent example of ensuring individual accountability and equal participation within her class.

Thoughts From A Bulldog

"Thoughts From a Bulldog" was created to give you a chance to reflect and to give others a chance to learn from you! Click here to view the updated blog. Be sure to add your email address to follow the blog!

Monthly Challenge Reminder. . .

It's Connected Educator Month! Football, fall, connected educators...ALL GOOD THINGS!

Educators are models of learning for kids. As educators' learning shifts from the "sit and get" model to the collaboration (connected) model, that shift hopefully transfers to their teaching as well. If an educator controls his or her learning through self-direction, that learning becomes more meaningful. Authentic self-directed learning becomes self-motivating. That does more than translate to a better-educated educator -- it also creates a teacher advocate for collaborative learning.

For your October Tech Ninja Challenge, complete a Connected Educator BINGO for an entry to possibly win a TCEA trip, courtesy of Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Hattaway. These are all easy things that you can do at your leisure this month. Find a bingo that works for you & and turn it into me!

First, read this post by Amber Teamann. This is a link to her personal blog.

Then, complete a bingo here!

Upcoming Assessments


G4 Unit 1 DPA 10/15-10/16

Social Studies

G4 Unit 1/13 10/15-10/16

Thanksgiving ALREADY??

Gateway Church is providing 100 Thanksgiving meals for families in need in Wylie. If you have a student that would benefit from this, please let Deidra know.

On the Calendar

10/15 - CFA Spirit Night 5:00 - 8:00

10/16 - Book Fair Early Bird

10/16 - House Meeting

10/19 - Team Leader Meeting

10/20 - Late Night for Book Fair

10/21 - 3rd/4th grade PLC meetings - all subjects

10/22 - Fire Prevention Assembly - 9:30

10/22 - K-2 PLCs

10/22 - DL PLC 3:00

10/22 - Late Night for Book Fair

10/23 - Bulldog Boogie

10/26 - Kick Off Canned Food Drive with our Favorite Boots and Western Wear

10/27 - Student Teacher Interviews

10/30 - Book Character Dress Up Day

10/30 - Fall Parties - 1:45