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This month in Technology class students are becoming more confident with their use of the mouse, keyboard, and general computer navigation.

Students in Pre-K learned about the evolution of the camera from big to small. Students even got to sort cameras from years ago from the digital cameras that we use today. Pre-K classes also created a poster of items that are and are not technology. Students are becoming experts are identifying technology all around us. Later, students met a robot friend named Ozobot. Students learned how to draw a line that Ozobot can follow.

Students in Kindergarten have been working very hard on creating their very own class book about Fall. Students learned how much work goes into publishing a real book. Students learned to type sentences with a capital letter and a periods, type their name using Shift and the space bar, as well as completing their page with a picture that complemented their words. Take a look below at St. Charles completed book.

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We had such a busy month this October! The students enjoyed singing a couple of new songs: Debajo de un Boton (Under a button) and Los esqueletos (The Skeleton's song). Ask your child about it.

We continued learning and using numbers, colors and shapes. The Students watched a video about Mexico and we discussed how living in Mexico city is different than living in a town here in USA.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students understand the conversations with the puppets and some of them are starting to give their answers and comments in Spanish.

As the weather changes, I will introduce vocabulary for seasons and weather.

My classes from Tuesdays are featured in the pictures below. Also, enjoy the videos I posted. They're great resources for the home.

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Students described plastic skeletons by number and color. They also made patterns with them and learned a rhyming Spanish song "Los esqueletos".
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What a wonderful month we have had making music! Take a look at what we did in Pre School and Kindergarten in the month of October!

Pre School

This month preschoolers continued our adventures with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. Clara Schuman Cat, who is named after the famous pianist and composer Clara Schuman, has been teaching Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear about many new things! We sang "Johnny Works with One Hammer" and practiced keeping a steady beat with our bodies and using Rhythm Sticks. Then we found out that we can represent steady beats with "Quarter Notes". We learned how to clap different patterns using quarter notes, what they look like, and even found out how many quarter notes could be used to represent our first names! We can't wait to learn more about notes and reading music!


In October Kindergartners dove into "Mallet Madness" and practiced playing different types of "Orff Instruments". Specifically we learned about the Xylophone, Metallophone, and Glokenspiel. We found out that each instrument has a different tone and that big instruments create lower sounds and smaller instruments make higher sounds. After learning about the instruments we learned how to hold mallets using funny sayings and practiced playing steady beat up and down the instruments and rotating to play each one. Last week we worked on matching pitches while using our singing voice and sang "The Rainbow Song". Students did very well singing in the light, head voices instead of their chest voices which do not blend as well in an ensemble setting. We can't wait to do some more singing and instrument playing next month!


Preschool is exploring shapes in art

Students created projects illustrating the variety of shapes that exist around us.

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Creating a Kandinsky composition using plasteline
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Practicing our scissor skills
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Lines, colors and feelings in Kindergarten!

Students looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky, and Frank Kine

We used lines and colors to show different feelings.

Students were able to describe feelings or emotions( happy, scared, sad, excited, angry, lonely) found in their work.

We also explored horizontal and vertical lines as they relate to Kandinsky 's and Kline's work

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Listening to music and creating a variety of lines

Wassily Kandinsky
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Franz Kline

Students compared the lines and colors in the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Kline
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Proud of our Kandinsky line, color and shape composition while listening to music
Creating a color and line composition while listening to music (Connecting art and music)