There are many countries at risk of genocide.

Rwandan Genocide

The genocide took place between April and June of 1994 and during this time period around 800,000 Tutsis died (During 100 days). The Rwandan genocide happened because the Belgian government took control of Rwanda and put in a class system. This put the Hutus under the Tutsis and their rank depended on how big your nose/eye was and many cattle you have. This was all based on the Belgians perspective because they favored the Tutsis more than the Hutus. The class system was established because it made taking control of Rwanda much easier. Then the Belgians gave the Tutsis special privileges and gave everyone ID cards so they could tell everyone apart. Then the Hutus got fed up with the horrid treatment and retaliated against the Tutsis with their larger numbers.

Why is Syria at risk of genocide?

Syria is at risk of genocide because the citizens are being killed by their leader and an Islamic terrorist group.. If genocide happens in Syria some people are trying to leave so there families can have a happy life genocide is still going on and our government is trying to stop genocide they are doing everything to stop it but nothing is working.The death toll has reached over 200,000, according the United Nations, and over 6 million people have been internally displaced or fled to other countries, half of them children and On August 21, 2013, the crisis took on a dangerous new dimension with a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime that killed over 1,400 people, according to a U.S. intelligence report. The debate over how to respond to the attacks has deeply divided the international community and continues to play out as the United States appears ready to carry out limited missile attacks.

What you can do to spread the word.

What could be done to try to prevent genocide from happening in Syria is try to help all of the people that are still out there lost. We could start a fundraiser at stores and places where lots of people go to. We should start the fundraiser so we could save up the money to give to the government to get more soldiers from other places. They could also use the money to ask other states or countries for help to stop the risk of genocide. People do not want genocide to happen in Syria. They try to help but don't know how. Another thing that we could do to help prevent genocide to happen is donate things like food to feed the soldiers that risk there life to help people. They can donate money to help the government to get enough money to buy more things they need. The last thing they could do is sound the alarm and demand action. What I would do is the third one because i would want to demand action to happen to stop genocide from happening in Syria.