Dystopian Project

By:Heston Edwards


In the election of 2016 Donald Trump won. He scheduled a meeting with the Russian ruler to try to make an alliance, but instead mouthed off and started world war 3. Being Donald Trump He did anything he could do to win. He gave the US military chemical weapons. When Russia found out they decided to use chemical weapons as well. The last battle was gruesome, because both sides used chemicals with acid. The chemicals travel through the nerves making the body move by its self its long and painful. It jumpstarts the body after death when in contact with hydrogen.

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Rights/laws and infractions

Rights/law: having there own personal space

Freedom of speech,

Right to control what happens to their own body,

right to be free from torture,

Right to save lives,

Right to be with their family

if it's a crime as big as murder they push them into zombie land,

if it's a small crime they get put in the slender

Building code violations

Disturbing the peace


The citizens where mostly what they can find in houses

The citizens are very raged and bruised. For fun the do shooting practice. They

Kill zombies, gather wood, Loot houses outside the walls when they are killing zombies. Not many people have children because they killed them so they would not have to go through the apocolips. When they wake up they have to make sure that all of their guns are fully loaded. Next they make sure there are no breaches in the walls and if there are they sound a blow horn too alert the leader because to be fixed as soon as possible. They are very loyal to their rules and don’t ever want to break it and their leader.


When someone is sick they are sent to the only medical doctor in the fort. He tries his best to heal you but he has limited supplies and can’t save everyone. You pay buy supplies you gather and the highest amout is medical supplies. If they can’t survive they give themselves up to the zombies. The medical center is just a house that was turned Into a doctors office. It has a big red cross on the front of it.

work force

The work force consist of zombie hunters, looters, carpenders and inventers. The zombie hunters hunt zombies and defend the town. The looters loot houses for supplies and shelter. The carpenders build up the wall for protection and also build houses for shelter. The inventers invent new and improved things for there advantage Ex: a quicker and more effcent way to purify water.

This is a list of what all the job occupants do…

1. gather wood for the fire

2. kill the zombies near and burn them so they don’t break in

3.Find ammo and loot places and try not to die

4.Get food

5.find other survivers to live with


7.Gather water

8.Purify water

9.Recrate the world

10.Find mask to were

11.Make medicine to use

12.Get books to read

13.Build protection

14.Build support

15.get recourses to survive and live and make the best of this world we can

16.build gates and walls


For fun they capture zombies and kill them with their bare hands and try to make a cure.

They also Practice shooting on dummies to get better at shooting. They also have a shooting range that they can call in zombies and shoot they for target practice. They also play soccer with a rock and use buckets for the goals. Another thing they do is make toy wooden guns to practice there shooting practice and danger situations.


Today I woke up at 7:00 like everyone else

8:00 I went downstairs to get some food

9:00 I get ready to go outside the wall

10:00 we gather our guns and ammo and head out

11:00 we found some houses but nothing was in there

12:00 we find a Walmart and loot it we get guns ammo and food and water

1:00 we return to our town named rockport

2:00 we put all of our find away and the leader peter is happy for of find

3:00 I was sent to guard the wall

3:30 nothing yet but I here noises

4:00 ok im trying to stay calm but there is a big hoard of about 300 zombies

4:30 we take them all out but we lost 2 people we are low on ammo

5:00 I went back to my place to take a small nap for my break

5:30 I wake up and head down to the market to load up again to protect the wall

6:00 its getting late and the sun is setting

7:00 out of the conrer of my eye I see something I aim it but its not a zombie its human

7:30 I report this to the leader

8:00 we let the human named james in and we give him some food and water and a place to stay

9:00 im in my place and its almost time to go to bed I just finished dinner

9:13 time to go to bed I wonder what will happen tomar

Visual aid

The town consist of A large town hall for making and okaying laws and rights. There is also barracks for the main zombie killers to be close to the wall. The weapons shed is close to the wall for quick reloading and weapons at hand. There is an old school house that the children use for learning how to shoot and handle weapons. There is also an building with a red cross on it this is the health care center with the one doctor. There is also 6 houses that the families live in f the houses are liveable.

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