by: Zoe Kenny and Amanda Williams

what are protists?

Protists are a large group of eukaryotic microorganisms.

guaranteed to be informational.

types of protists

Amoeba, euglena, volvox, paramecium


To move it has a pseudopod (fake foot)

Flows its cell membrane and cytoplasm around it.

Reproduces asexually.

One of there qualitys setting them apart is that they are constantly changing shape.

It lives in fresh water


To move has a wip like tail called fagellum.

It makes its own food through photosynthesis.

It reproduces asexully.

One of the qualitys setting it apart is the red eye spot

It lives in fresh or bracish water


Moves with flagellum (rolls).

Makes its own food with photosynthesis.

Reproduces sexullay.

Somthing that sets it apart is that it Forms colonies.

Lives in fresh water.


Moves with cilla.

Uses villa a d oral grove.

It reproducese asexully.

A quality that sets it apart is it has a oral grove.

Lives in fresh water