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Liam Nekich

Today in the news

-Why the race is still here

- The changes over the years


Why it's here today

The iditarod race is here today be ause of two reasons. Redington wanted to save the alaskan culture of dogsledding and huskies which were being phased out of exsitance due ro the introduction of snow mobiles, and he also wanted to preservethe historical iditarod trail between seward and nome, (Bowers). Even thoughthe airplane had been invented, dog teams are still used today for local transportation and day to day work. So other than the last great race dogsleds are still used which shows why its around today

The changes over the years

Over the years the iditarod has had to change slightly. For example, the traditional starting points to the iditarod are usually willow and anchorage. But occasionally it has to move due to weather. Like one year for example the moved the start from willow and anchorage to fairbanks because of weather, (InstaGrok), and to add to that the dogs have been changing as well. It says on the iditarod website that over the years the dogs have been gaining confidence and speed, (Bowers). This is due to the hard training and diets they enforce on to the dogs

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