Long way Gone

memoirs of a boy solider

internal characterization

Ishmael Beah is going through a tough time at this point in his life because f the civil war that broke in Africa. His days consist of almost being killed, starving, and dehydration.

Some days he gets lucky and finds food and some days he doesn't. He is now all alone with no one in a Forrest.

Historical connection

The Historical connection is that this same war is still going on in Africa.


Crapes: Crapes are sneakers in Africa

unbearable: not able to be endured or tolerated.


Matrru Jong, Africa. This is a village of many in Africa that was affected by the civil war in Africa.


Self vs nature. In Long Way Gone Ishmael fights nature in many ways. He was chased by wild hogs, had very little food and water was very dirty and malnourished.

self vs technology. The rebels came at Ishmael with many types of technology. He was attached by AK-47s, RPGs, Bayonets and machetes.