Meg Westfall

Genghis Khan & Sons

Genghis Khan

  • Mongol Leader
  • Established the largest land empire in history
  • He had MANY offspring
  • COnquered huge chunks of central Asia and China
  • Granted religious freedom
  • Abolished torture
  • encouraged trade
  • Developed first international postal service


Ogotai Khan

  • Third Son
  • When he took reign, he drafted conquered people into his armies

Jochi Khan

  • Eldest Son
  • Participant of his father's military campaigns

Tolui Khan

  • Fourth Son
  • Inherited the Mongol homeland

Chagatai Khan

  • Second Son
  • Just and energetic ruler

Decline of Mongol Dynasty

- Struggles over succession

-Black Death

Religion & Goverment


  • Mongols were fascinated with Buddhism/favored
  • Some emperor's were Buddhists


  • Did not have Mongol Support
  • Mongols sided with Buddhists, not Daoism


  • Was adapted mostly when Mongol Dynasty was declining

Golden Age


  • Golden Horde Poems expressed the longing of a mother.
  • Most about strong feelings

Painting & Ceramics

  • Chinese Painters patterns were sent to other places as inspiration
  • The dragon and phoenix Symbols from China first appear in Persian art during the Mongol era.