VCR Lesson 8 Presentation

Varun Sattenapalli

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 8

Many children do not realize that scratching wounds only (blank) the irritation of the wound and using lotion is a much better alternate.

The Word

exacerbate - tr. v.

TO increase the severity of something; to intensify irritation or violence

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Exacerbate comes from the Latin word exacerbatus which has the two Latin roots ex - out and acerbo - to make sour.

Alternate forms of Querulous

Exacerbation (n.)

Increased severity of something such as an illness, irritation, feeling, condition, etc.


  • aggravate
  • annoy
  • heighten
  • inflame
  • intensify


  • aid
  • alleviate
  • appease
  • calm
  • comfort

How the word is used in reality

  • Mainly used in Politics
  • Also has some use in Medicine
  • Is not seen much in average conversations

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

A) Poor conditions for children living in Africa are exacerbated by foreign aid from countries, such as the US, to help fulfill nutrition and sanitation needs.

B) Doctors often use the word exacerbate to notify patients that their conditions are getting worse.

C) Using peaceful protests to bring attention to a social cause prevents violence, while using violent protests will only exacerbate violence.

D) President Trump's executive order which cuts two policies for every new policy made exacerbates the difficulty the government faces in trying to control some factors in business.

Correct Answer - A