Environmental Conference of America

Preserving the Environment for the Future

About our organization:

The Environmental Conference of America is dedicated to collaborating with the U.S. government and its citizens to find and enact solutions involving the deteriorating climate.

We work to end rapid deforestation.

How we propose fixing these issues:

  • Transfer funds from oil subsidies to research and development for cleaner energy
  • Increased regulation on emissions
  • Increased safety regulation on oil transporting ships
  • Hold companies at fault responsible for clean-up after they have polluted the environment
  • Increased regulation regarding global pollutants
  • Incentives for using clean energy

Environmental Conference of America

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How we began:

In 1990 the world realized that a crisis was coming. SInce the industrial revolution, human pollution has increased exponentially, and the consequences of that will impact us all detrimentally. Melting ice caps, increased temperature on the Earths surface, and less and less clean drinking water are just a few effects of climate change that will change life on Earth permanently. That is why our organization will work endlessly to keep Earth habitable for our generation, future generations and the rest of Earth's inhabitants.

Our blog:

ECAagent_29: ECA has done so much for the World"s environment, because of them my grandchildren will have to opportunity to enjoy nature!

naturelover5: Thanks ECA!! Your work with oil regulations has saved countless miles of coastline! Keep it up!

Tree_45hugger: Everyone should donate to ECA, they're keeping the environment safe for the next generation and countless generations to come!