Weekly Technology Update

Tips & Tricks Edition

JANUARY 15, 2016

We are very busy preparing for an upgrade to the VDI environment next weekend, January 23rd. Which will bring new improvements and features. In the meantime, we have some handy Tips & Tricks for you.



  • The days of rebooting your PC and issues getting fixed no longer apply in VDI. That is because your PC doesn't run your VDI desktop.
  • Instead, if you have issues and need to "Reboot" - Log out, wait 60 seconds, and log back in. You will get a fresh VDI desktop!

SLOW PERFORMANCE - If typing or moving the mouse is slow, try this tip as a temporary fix.
  • In the VDI Menu Bar at the top of the screen, click options and disconnect.
  • You will not be logged off, now log back in normally. All your programs will still be open and you should notice an improvement in performance.
  • Special Note - If you have a Samsung Monitor, you won't have a bar, we are working on that. Just power the monitor off and power it back on. Login to VDI normally.


DRAGGING WINDOWS - Even before VDI, dragging windows between monitors was a chore. Well, now you can make it super fast and "teleport" windows between monitors!

  • Simply hold down in order the Windows Key + Shift + Right or Left Arrow.

OUTLOOK: SEARCH LIKE A PRO - Do you find it annoying to have to use the advanced search window to get detailed search results? We do too.
  • Now you can do most of those searches directly from the search bar. Click on this Link to learn more.

What's next:

  • Next weekend, we will be upgrading VDI with more details to come.
  • We continue to investigate performance issues, if you are experiencing slowness and have not contacted us yet. Please do so!
We would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts with us by contacting the Support Center at http://SupportCenter or 770-643-5602.