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Being very honest. While multinational companies are quick to point out the superior performance, reliability, and usability of their workstations, they must admit the point that they really are only as powerful as the people who use them. At the end of the day, technology is meaningless without the people who supply the vision.

There are some companies that take notices and are constantly blown away by the vision and extraordinary talents of workstation users. To celebrate these pioneers and their groundbreaking work, Lenovo is launching Think Revolution; connecting a community of innovators who inspire real change and progress. It has ushered a new kind of era in the technological as well as the business front that has in general challenged the overall corporate social responsibility of the companies.

Through Think Revolution, Lenovo aimed to be partner shipping with those customers who actually are the role players and help the company to promote their important missions to help them make an even larger impact. And they Think Revolutionists ever since its origination has started giving us glimpses into their exciting worlds by demonstrating the unique ways they are using Lenovo workstations. Lenovo is also seeking ongoing feedback from Think Revolutionists about their workstations that will help shape the products customers use in their work and, as a result, the impact they cast in their work throughout the world.

Think revolutions initiative has ever since its propositions have lent helping hand in game changing ways that sums up the very essence of its formation and credibility.

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Build Change

Build Change’s engineers recognized from the start that retrofitting the world’s most vulnerable communities would require the most effective technology. That’s why they rely on ThinkPad P70 and Think Station P510 workstations to transform Autodesk’s 3D models into new houses and schools in developing countries at high risk of earthquakes and typhoons.

And now Build Change has earned a special recognition of its own. The non-profit has been granted a 2017 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, presented to select groups whose innovations have helped solve some of the urgent challenges threatening the globe.

As part of the award, Build Change receives a $1.25 million, three-year grant. The Skoll Foundation provides this funding to invest in the promise of organizations like Build Change to make an even greater impact in the future.

The Helping Hand Project

Founded on the campus of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, The HHP has expanded throughout the state. Amy’s arm was printed at the Maker space studio at UNC-Charlotte (UNCC). The future focus of the UNCC chapter will be producing arms.

Think Bots

The Think Bots’ mission goes far beyond winning tournaments. The team allows students, guided by mentors, to develop STEAM skills and practice innovative engineering principles while sharing ideas.

As part of their STEAM education, the Think Bots team members continue to work using the Think Station P500 and ThinkPad P40 Yoga, which help them design their robots using ISV-certified applications from Autodesk and Adobe.

These success stories from the unique program started by Lenovo Multinational company that in turn allows them more to connect to the people, and cast an important and positive impact too –people live along with their business.

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