September Book of the Month

Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

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The World Needs YOUR Voice!

Will you Say Something with your

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with your

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with your

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with your

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or just by being

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Our Cannon Challenge

Cannon Graffiti Wall

We are going to create a beautiful Cannon Graffiti Wall full of inspiring, kind, and beautiful words and pictures.

Kinder and First Grade Challenge

  • Every Kinder and 1st grade student will get a blank index card
  • Your challenge is to draw a colorful picture showing a kind action or something beautiful

Second and Third Grade Challenge

  • Every 2nd and 3rd grade student will get a blank sentence strip
  • Your challenge is to choose one inspirational, kind, or beautiful word
  • You will write your chosen word on your sentence strip using fancy, colorful, creative letters to make word art
  • look at the examples of word art below

Fourth and Fifth Grade Challenge

  • Each 4th and 5th grade student will get a lined index card
  • You will choose one of the following paragraph starters:

I hope...

I believe...

I wish...

Together, we can...

I'm ready to change the world by...

  • You will write a short paragraph or write a poem to show how you will Say Something to change the world and write it on your index card
  • Make a colorful frame to put your index card on so it POPS on our graffiti wall. Use paper, cardboard, feathers, sequins, buttons, yarn or anything else you can think of to make your frame

All challenge artwork is due by Friday, September 20

Have fun and show how we can all SAY SOMETHING to make the world a better place