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Many businesses are looking for a dependable commercial landscaping company. There are quite a few companies that offer commercial landscaping in Lancaster PA, although there are many detailed questions that you need to ask before making your final decision.

Many companies choose landscapers because of the commercials and ads they see on television, this could be a misinformed choice. Here are a few important questions that should be asked before your mind is made up.

Do they offer a weekly commercial maintenance plan

What services do they offer

Can they handle any size job

What does the company specialize in

Is the company reputable

Do they offer competitive pricing

Many people do not think to ask these important questions above. These questions can save you time and money especially if you are in need of a weekly mowing or maintenance for you commercial property.

Many businesses are on a larger scale and for this reason you want to make sure that the landscaping company that you hire can handle and size property, whether it is smaller or larger.

When looking for these services, price is a large aspect of making your decision. The company should be able to offer competitive pricing for any size job.

Certain landscapers focus on mainly basic care of your lawn and property knowing this, make sure that the company can offer specialties as well. A few examples of their specialties should include but are not limited to:

Storm damage clean up

Landscape design

Sod installation and care

Turf renovation

Brickwork and stonework

Excavation, Rototilling and plowing

One of the most useful services that a commercial company needs is storm damage clean up. We never know when natural disasters will strike, for this reason a company should offer 24 hour fully equipped professional clean up for your business.

Many stadiums and large open fields are in need of turf renovation, this includes: free lawn removal, seeding or sod installation, aerating improved soil conditions and maintaining regularly after this service is completed.

Every company wants their building to stand out and be unique; this is when commercial landscape design is needed. Commercial landscape design offers a wide array of different services to guarantee your exterior and landscape will stand out above the rest.

Every commercial business values great services like the ones listed above. Remember that it is very important to choose a commercial landscaping company in Lancaster PA that offers weekly maintenance, storm damage clean up and many other services.

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