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full time veterinarians must have a bachelor's degree at a four-year college before going to veterinary medicine school. Undergraduates should only work on chemistry, biology, zoology, physiology, microbiology and anatomy. The best-paid veterinarians earned $149,530, while the lowest-paid earned $53,270.

i plan on trying to go the university of davis its one of the best veterinarian schools in California for full time vets


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your training starts very early in middle / high school . Take all the mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics courses they will open many opportunities including veterinary medicine. in college choose a degree program which will help you in the biological and physical sciences

in a normal day as a vet its usally goes like this … All animals that have arrived from the overnight emergency clinic or were brought in first thing are examined first.This is followed by the morning rounds -- all patients are examined , At the same time, animals being admitted for surgery and examined ,Next, it is time for appointments or surgery Next, it is time for appointments or surgery then Lunch...maybe Most clinics stop taking appointments for an hour or two over the lunch hour.The afternoons are spent seeing more appointments. Sick and injured animals are examined and evaluated for stability.