The Lottery

Poster by Alex, Drake, and Ryan

Point of Vision

The point of vision is third person objective. The reason is it never says what someone is thinking or feeling. Also, the narrator always refers to people with the pronouns he, she, him, or her.

Story Summary

The story begins with kids playing and stacking stones. After a while they are told to calm down while the lottery occurs. People individually go up and take slips of paper until Mr. Hutchinson draws the paper with a black dot on it. His family is then forced to draw. Mrs. Hutchinson is discovered to have the dot on her piece of paper. She becomes hysterical and tries to run away. The story ends, leaving us to believe that she was stoned to death by this small town's population.
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Summary) - Minute Book Report

Three Literary Devices


In the story there are multiple examples of symbolism. One example is the black box. Black usually symbolizes death or bad luck. Another example of symbolism is the black dot on the card, which also symbolizes death.


Usually we would see a lottery as a good thing. In this story we see an instance where it is actually a horribly frightening thing. Instead of winning money the person who wins gets stones thrown at them.


In the beginning we hear about a pile of stones and are left to wonder what they are until the end. We then realize that the pile of stones was really a foreshadowing of the stoning that would occur at the end.
The Lottery Trailer
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RAD Critique

Ryan:I thought the story was very actionable and detailed. It had a little too much dialog, but other than that it was a good story.

Alex:The story was very elusive by disguising the lottery as a thing that is used often and harmless, but a twist in events show that whoever wins dies by stoning.

Drake: I thought it was a good story since we have to figure a few things out by ourselves. They don't spell out what the lottery is for or why everyone seems to be afraid, so we are left to figure out what is happening.