Neuse River Basin

By: Destiny Morel & Lisa Tellez


  • 6,026 square miles in area
  • 3,409 miles of streams/rivers
  • Population of 1,687,462 people


The Neuse River Basin is located in North East part of North Carolina. It consist of popular places such as Raleigh and Durham. It goes from the top of North Carolina all the way the ocean. The headwaters used to start at the Eno and Flat rivers but now starts at the Falls Lake Reservoir Dam in Raleigh. The water flows into the Neuse River and flows out to the Pamlico Sound.
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Poultion in the basin


There are some non-point sources which produce pollution. There are large quantities of nutrients and nitrogen from non point sources.The pollution comes from diffuse areas. Animal waste and urban developed areas cause 60 percent of pollution. To get rid of this pollution we should focus on runoff from crops and start using less fertile and managing animal waste.

Point Sources

There are also a lot of point sources causing pollution such as hog farms and golf courses. They have decided to only allow certain cites (400) with state permits to dump into the river. Still we need to make an effort to stop pollution by dumping less in the river. They created the "Neuse rules" which require land owners to a 50 feet strip of land covered with vegetation to prevent erosion.


More cool things to check out! (Landforms)