Creating Library Annual Reports

Collecting Data and Sharing the Year with Annual Reports

What Happens in the Library Doesn't Have to Stay in the Library! Start Planning Your Annual Report Now!

An annual report is a fantastic way to share with others what goes on during the year in your library. Come to the Secondary Librarians PLN to learn about creating an annual report.

  • View sample library annual reports.
  • Learn about collecting and recording data and statistics throughout the year.
  • Learn about presentation programs to showcase your annual report.
  • Create a plan to start your own library annual report.

PLN: Creating Library Annual Reports Part I @ MTHS/EHMS Library

Thursday, Sep. 26th 2013 at 4pm

8661 Power Inn Rd

Elk Grove, CA

  • Bring samples of previous Annual Reports if you have them to share with the group.
  • Think of data you would want to collect. Start collecting information for the months August and September. You will learn more information at during our session.


4:00-4:05 Review agenda and introduction

4:05-4:25 View samples of library annual reports

4:25-4:55 Collecting data and statistics using Destiny and other information

4:55-5:00 Evaluation