Ethical Research

~~ Bailey Tims ~~

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using somebody else's words, ideas, images, sounds or creative expressions without their permission or citing that part of your work.

Inaccurate paraphrasing or misrepresenting the authors intentions

What are quotations?

Quotations are the exact words of an author, copied directly from a source. You want to limit the amount of quotations you use.

Having too may quotes is just like copying and pasting.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing means re - phrasing the words of an author, putting his/her thoughts in your own words.

Even when you paraphrase you have to cite your sources, because you are still looking off their work.

Simply changing a few words is NOT paraphrasing.

What is a Bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of sources you used for an essay or research these sources contain information you looked up and used in your own writing.

What, there are 2 different types of plagiarism

There is Intentional and Unintentional.

Examples of Intentional Plagiarism....

  • Copying a friends work
  • Borrowing or buying a paper
  • Copying and pasting text directly into your writing

Examples of Unintentional....

  • Poor Paraphrasing
  • Poor citation or forgetting to cite
  • Using too may quotes ( more than 50% of the paper )

Wondering what the consequences are for plagiarizing....

  • You get a F on the assignment
  • Suspension or Expulsion from school
  • Kicked out of school of sports activities
  • Plagiarism is considered CHEATING

How to avoid plagiarism?

  • Cite or credit your source
  • Paraphrase your work : Write down the information in your own words

Do you have to cite everything on your paper?

No! Facts that are widely know or information are considered "Common Knowledge"

EXAMPLE : George Washington was the first present in the U.S.A.

You also don't have to cite....

Your original ideas

EXAMPLE : When I did my science experiment I found....

If I paraphrase information do I still have to cite my sources?

YES!! Even though you are re - writing it you are still using somebody else's information

How else could you use somebody else's work without plagiarizing?

  • Quoting
  • Paraphrasing
  • Summarizing

When you cite your sources....

  • Put them in alphabetical order when you put them into your essay or research
  • Double space them when you out them into your research or essay

What is Easy Bib?

Easy Bib is a website you can use to make a citation for you. You can get pictures with the citation. ( Click on digital image )

The URL goes at the end with an angle bracket (<>)

What is citation machine?

Citation machine makes citations for you

The URL goes at the end with and angle brackets (<>)

In the real world if you plagiarize you may....

  • Be expelled from collage for the first time
  • Lose your job
  • Lose recommendation to other collages or jobs
  • Be sued by the person whose idea you "borrowed"

Instead of plagiarism....

  • If you use a direct quote don't make any changes.
  • Give the authors name
  • Explain the ideas of something you read
  • Write completely in your own words
  • Show that you understand the source
  • CITE the source

How do references work?

  • Alphabetical order
  • Several volumes
  • Look for author of article
  • You don't need publication

How do I find a periodical?

  • Alamedia Contrey is a library online