Family Christmas Gathering

Calling all family members

It's time for us to come together again, and fellowship as a family

Since we last gathered, many things have happened.. So it's time to get together again to laugh, cry, play and most of all love. I can't wait! Katenia Jackson has volunteered to host the Christmas gathering this year.

Rosa Ruffin Family Christmas Gathering

Saturday, Dec. 14th 2013 at 3pm

127 Republican Road, Windsor, NC

3:00-3:30 Meet and Greet

3:30-4:30 Breaking of Bread

4:30-until Exchange gifts/ fun and games

Ruffin Family showed up at the Verizon Center in full force!

What a great time we had, and having the opportunity to go down stairs to see Kent before they left was awesome. God has blessed us in so many ways, and having the time to be together makes it even better.

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Room accommodations

Not sure if some of you are staying with family, so here is information about hotel accomodations.

Closet place is WILLIAMSTON, NC.

Hampton Inn (252-809-1100) : average cost $85-$90 per night

Moratoc Inn: average cost $75 per night, suites $105