John Sutter

By Cam T.

John Sutter

Why I moved west

I started out as a merchant in the US for several years in the east part of the US. I decided after spending several years there to join a trapping party heading to the Pacific Coast in 1838. We reached Fort Vancouver but I found out I could not head to California immediately so I sailed to the Sandwich Islands now known as Hawaii. There, I stayed for some months and sailed back to California where I built Fort Sutter still here today near Sacramento.

Manifest Destiny

I agree with Manifest Destiny because if we did not expand west, I would not have my land that I received. I would not be able to keep my empire and would still be in the Sandwich Islands.


"The Indians began to be troublesome all around me killing and wounding cattle, stealing our horses, and threatening to attack us. I was obliged to make campaigns against them and punish them." - John Sutter

My hopes and desires

I hope to build an empire from my acquired land and have my own kingdom of many people. I also would like to mine some gold at Sutter's Mill over by the Sacramento River.

Challenges I faced

I had troubles from some indians killing my cattle and horses and threatening to attack us. We had to overcome them to continue west. They were mad because we were on their land and so we had to fight back and punish them to continue on so we could make it to California.

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