No Women and Children Left Behind

"Inspiration and direction for the community"

Our community...our voices...our experiences

Join us for the event of the year, century, and beyond...This informative session includes DJ, Guest Speakers, Authors, and Business Professionals that have come together to address issues affecting our community. It has been said, "Be the change you want to see". Now is the time, year, and YOUR hour, to find out how to utilize progression already made, seize opportunities, fulfill goals, and restore faith. No longer leave generations riddled with questions, lack of communication, and in need of local support. Come enjoy keynote speakers on imperative topics, music, healthy food, and network with your family. The time is now. Lets discuss reasons, purpose, experiences, and solidify the success of our future.
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No Women and Children Left Behind

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 5-8pm

6394 Silver Star Road

Orlando, FL

Ticket Price-$20.00 in advance online
Ticket Price-$30.00 at the door
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This event includes access to DJ, Guest Speakers, Food Vendor with Cuisines for purchase, & an Open bar...Conference portion will require seating, which will be available.
All Ages are Welcome! Children Under age 18, must be accompanied by adult.
*Evening Wear/Casual Business Attire
*Donations made in the amount of $5, 10, or $15 go towards the Non Profit CBLegacy which aims to provide scholarships and literacy programs to OCPS students, and accommodations for speakers