5th Grade Newsletter

January 13th - 17th

New Teacher

Our 5th Grade team is excited to announce the newest addition, Ms. Lehr! She will be working with our students through intervention groups in Reading and Math. She is a wonderful addition to the team, and we are blessed to have her.

Popcorn Money

Popcorn Friday order forms were sent home today, and they are due back by Wednesday the 15th.


Many of our students have lost their school badges. These are required and are used in order to check out book and for lunch purchases. Please check with your child to see if they have their badge; if not, it will need to be replaced. The cost is $1 for a replacement.

Safety Week

Dear Red Oak ISD Family,

The Red Oak ISD School Board has shown unwavering commitment to student and staff safety. Red Oak ISD and the Red Oak ISD Police Department work hard every day to make our district a safe place for your children, our staff and the community.

ROISD will host Spring Safety Week Monday, January 13 through Friday, January 17, 2020. This designated week helps all students and staff to learn and practice proper safety procedures. Each campus will hold fire, tornado and lockdown drills during safety week. Drills are planned throughout the week at various times.

Please be aware that if you visit your child’s campus during a major drill during Spring Safety Week, the front office staff will be participating in the drills as well and will be closed. When the drill is complete, the front office staff will begin accepting visitors.

The safety of each child, staff member, and campus guest is immensely important. We thank you in advance for your patience as we focus on school safety and for your support to keep each campus and facility a safe and fun place to learn.


Brenda Sanford
ROISD Superintendent

Sneak Peek Into Learning

Math - Mrs. Stewart

Monday – Decimals to Fractions/Fractions to Decimals; Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Tuesday – Adding and Subtracting fractions with models

Wednesday – Adding and subtracting fractions word problems

Thursday – Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

Friday – Adding and subtracting fractions stations/catch-up day

Reading-Mrs. Johnson

Monday-complete reading level testing

Tuesday-Informational Text

Wednesday-Informational Text

Thursday-Informational Text

Friday-Informational Text

Mrs. Scott-Social Studies

We will be covering the Louisiana Purchase, Louis & Clark, and map skills!

Mrs. Allen-Science

Monday: Craters CER

Tuesday: Craters CER

Wednesday: Stemscopes

Thursday: Sun, Moon, & Earth Two Pager

Friday: Vocab Lab