The Five Themes

Darian Gutierrez

What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth, its atmosphere and human activity and its affects by these.


We are in the North East region of Texas


To get to church we always use a car as our transportation and always get texts to know at what time were suppose to be there to practice.

As for choir at the high school we take a Newtech bus and always get an email if we have schedule changes.


The choir room is a large room that smells like perfume it has a blue carpet red white walls with flags on them, the stands are on the left side of the room when you enter and to the right of the choir room there is different rooms, it has no windows and has sound proof walls and on the ceiling there is a shapes so the sound bounces back and is heard more prominently.

In church there is two floors and always smells like old lady perfume, going up the stairs at the front there is a stage with all the different type of instruments. The walls are a cream color and the seats are a red orange color.

Human Environmental Interaction

In our church its always really cold because when there is a lot of people together it can get hot easily. At church you always have to bring a sweater with you, and you usually wear a dress and as for men khakis and a nice shirt is always the best but can always just go casual. To get to church we always drive and have to be there by 6:30pm to practice and it ends at 9:00pm

At choir its always not cold but its not hot either, you usually always just where casual clothes, and get the by riding a Newtech bus.