Ballat a Sport or Art!

By Katie R.

Just Twists and Turns

Many people think that ballet is not a sport because you just spinning and it does not take skill. But all that is not true. Do you think that you can do a triple pirouette. Read on to learn more.

Primaballering13 said about Ballet Being a Sport.

"Lots of my friends think it isn't s sport. But i say it is. You have to do plenty of hard stuff in ballet. Some of the stuff is probably harder than regular sports. I know people who say that you don't do anything in ballet. You just look pretty and graceful. But we have to do more than that right."

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Also Bobison268 Said

Of course it is

I want you to stand on your toes for 4 hours straight, at least and not complain. If we get hurt we go home and ice it and hope to dance the next day, you go to the doctor with a stranger ankle and come out with crutches! Dancers need to have the leg strength of a soccer player, the balance of a hockey player, the ability to look graceful as a equestrian, the core strength as a muscular guy and the mind of a mathematician. If it was easy they'd call it football.

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Do you really want to be the person who says MEH about ballet being a sport act now.

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