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Be Prepared When Purchasing Auto Insurance in Malvern, PA

f you plan to purchase auto insurance in Malvern, PA in the near future it helps to prepare yourself a bit first. Arming yourself with a few basic facts and figures can help you to purchase the right policy, and save you money. Having so many companies and policy options to choose from can be confusing and intimidating. Many car owners become discouraged and purchase the first policy they are offered. This results in them either paying too much or not having adequate coverage. You don’t have to fall into that trap however, as the following information can help you to secure the best possible auto insurance in Malvern, PA.

Determining Malvern, PA Car Insurance Rates

How much you will end up paying for your car insurance in Malvern, PA depends on the rating you are given by your insurance company. Your rating will be determined through an underwriting process, but basically your driving record and the amount of times you have filed other insurance claims help to determine it. The rating you are given indicates the amount of risk that the insurance company attaches to you. Unfortunately you are then grouped with others of a similar rating and the cost of your policy is determined by the overall claim frequency of the group.

Understanding the Malvern, PA Car Insurance System

Malvern, PA has a no-fault insurance system as opposed to some states which use the fault system. Every state uses one or the other, the difference being that the no-fault system requires you to carry a minimum of liability insurance with your Malvern, PA auto insurance policy. Pennsylvania also accepts a few all-purpose policies, but they must carry a minimum of $35,000 in coverage. Liability requirements for Malvern, PA auto insurance policies are as follows:

  • Third party personal injury protection (PIP) (per accident) $30,000
  • Personal injury protection for third parties of $15,000 per person (passengers, pedestrians, other drivers)
  • No-fault PIP (coverage of $5,000
  • Property damage protection of $5,000

Ask Your Agent About Discounts

If your insurance provider considers you a lower risk, they may offer you certain discounts. You may also be entitled to discounts if you;

  • Have Participated or Participate in a Driver’s Education Course
  • Having Multiple Vehicles
  • Having Safety Devices on or in Your Vehicle
  • Installing Anti-Theft Devices in Your Car
  • Have Low Mileage

You may be entitled to even more discounts, so don’t be hesitant to ask the company you purchase auto insurance in Malvern, PA from for their complete list of entitlements.

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