Come To Texas Y'all

Come Start A New Life

Come To Texas

COME ONE. COME ALL. Everyone, hurry to Texas for great adventures.

Land policy - Settlers who come to Texas and are farmers will receive one labor, or 177 acres. Those who raise cattle, will receive a sitio, or a square league of 4,428 acres. If you do both, you can receive a combined amount.

Requirements of colonists - Texas colonists need to be of good character and either be Catholic or agree to become Catholic. Although times may be hard, there is ample ways you can provide for yourselves. Colonists can apply for land grants and have years to pay this back. You will also need to pledge your loyalty to Spain.

Description of land in Texas - Land in Texas holds many resources for settlers. Texas has heavily forested land, adequate rainfall, and grassy prairies. Settlers should not have a problem, clearing land for use, growing crops, or raising cattle. In addition, colonists can gather wild berries and nuts from the land and the rivers and streams provide for many fish.

Cost - Land in Texas could be bought for 12.5 cents per acre and it can be paid out over several years. This is a bargain, much cheaper than land in the United States.