Staff Update

September 15, 2016

Sub Plans... Reminders

Please see the following reminder from the staff handbook:

The classroom teacher is to have plans and information readily available in the classroom for substitute teachers. Please submit to the office the location of that information (i.e. “Ms. Johnson’s sub plans are in the red folder on….) by Sep. 1. These plans should include everything a sub would need to know. Make sure you update as your student enrollment, seating charts, schedules, etc. change. Please include duties, as well. Teachers must have a backup/emergency plan ready with adequate information to get a substitute through a day in case there is ever a time when a situation would prohibit you from making a current plan.

● The secretary is to be notified if there is a need for a substitute teacher prior to the day of absence. Notification should be as early as possible. The teacher is also responsible for contacting the secretary prior to the end of the day to inform her about arrangements for the next class day. The principal must be notified about your absence.

● Teachers are responsible for securing their own sub either online or via AESOP’s phone service.


o Current Class Roster

o Seating chart (when available)

o Classroom Procedures

o Emergency Procedures/Lockdown Procedures

o Daily Schedule

o Para or Volunteer Schedule (when applicable)

o Names and times of students attending special classes

o Names and emergency procedures for students with health problems

o Activities for a “Crunch”

o Detailed lesson plans should be on the teacher’s desk or located in a visible location.

● Each staff member will have a “buddy” that will be informed via e-mail by office staff

so the buddy can provide support and guidance to the substitute throughout the day. In

addition, all staff should inform their buddies of special information their substitute may

need to know about. Buddies should be particularly alert and helpful during a crisis or



We raised $504 for Culver's night on Tuesday evening! Thank you for your support and to everyone that helped make this such a successful night.

Quarter 1- MasteryConnect

Here are some important dates for Quarter 1:

October 14- End of 1st Quarter

October 19- Last day to input data for Q1

October 23- Preliminary report cards available

October 25- Comments, work habits, and attendance entered on cover page

First quarter report cards will be shared at conferences. We will not email out report cards first quarter.

Here is more information for your reference.

Social Funds

Just a friendly reminder about dues for Social Funds...

Certified Staff- $30

Non-certified staff- $15

(Make checks payable to: Hillcrest Hospitality)

Please have these to Katie Nail by September 23th. This will be the Friday after payday.

For more information on Social Funds, click here.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Don't forget to block out a time for your break during conferences.

Conference Sign-Ups

1.) Find timeslots in which you would like a break.

2.) Write "Teacher Break" in the name section.

3.) If you do not care about the timing of your break, ignore this section.

This link will be shared with all families in early October.

The week ahead...


19- WatchDOGS Kickoff Pizza Party @ 5:30pm

20- PTA Meeting @ 5:30pm

21- Faculty meeting @ 8:00am

Our Mission

The mission of Hillcrest STEAM Academy, a leader of STEAM innovation, is to ensure that all students flourish as individuals of character and advocates of their own learning through the school community distinguished by

  • a culture of independence and collaboration

  • a global outlook based on a foundation of character

  • a focus on problem solving and critical thinking

  • real world experiences with integration throughout all subjects.