Accountability Project 2017

By Carla Milano - Vickery Elementary

Career Day -May 15, 2017

Project Goal

To provide students with an understanding of career & college choices to begin exploring in elementary school (4th and 5th grades).

Existing Data: Pre-, Post-Assessments & Student Feedback

4- Question questionnaire to find out background knowledge and overall exposure to higher education/future plans.

Role of Guidance & Counseling

To present career & skill exploration classes for effective life career planning.


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· Students from 4th & 5th grades participated in Career & College Club/Student Council activities during the Fall & Spring Semesters.

· The group completed research activities and gathered information based on their own likes/preferences.

· The data was analyzed and the results shared with the students.

· Overall, the numbers indicate that there was a growth and understanding among the students about colleges & careers.

· The hands-on activities provided them with an enrichment opportunity to better understand future choices in life.

· Career & College Club, Career Day and Career Interviews are activities aligned with our Campus Improvement Plan and LISD Strategic Design Goals.

Captain Matthew Asdel - American Airlines International Captain

MVI 7109

Mr. Omar Milano - Production Sound Engineer

MVI 7080

Mrs. Perri Brackett, Market Manager, Convenience Sales Team, P&G

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MVI 7141 2

Our 4th & 5th Grade Production Crew at Work