Greece (1981)

Alyssa Conover


Athens is the capital of Greece and also Greece`s largest city. It`s recorded history is from about 3,400 years ago. Athens is located at the basin of Attica, a country of Greece.


30% of Greeks live in places near Athens or around in the suburbs. According to computer research, the most populated areas of Greece is near the coastal or interior plains.

Interesting Places:

The fist interesting place you might want to visit Is the Hellenic Republic. This building is still standing to this day from 5,000 years ago, and is also one of the oldest buildings on earth. It`s described as a mountainous region with coastal plains. The second place I`m going to tell you about is Epidaurus, in Peloponnese, Greece. This was a healing place during, Roman times. There also happens to be a theatre there and it is known for one of the best. Lastly I`m going to bring your attention to a nice, sunny place called Epirus. It`s one of the most famous places in Greece, located in the northwestern places.

Bordering Countries:

All of the bordering countries around Greece are Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. These countries all surround Greece and all react in different ways.

Highest Elevation:

The highest elevation in Greece is Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is 2,917 meters, and 9,570 feet. It is also really old, its 1,000 years old.

Natural Resources:

Some natural resources of Greece are lignite, iron ore, bauxite, lead, zinc, and nickel. They all help Greece out in some ways.

Main Products:

The main products of Greece are lamb, chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables.


Greece has a National Government. According to World Book Online, Greece adopted its present constitution in 1975.


Greece has a lot of beautiful places that you can visit. Some are from centuries ago, and still standing today. If you`ve read abut Mount Olympus then you know how tall it stands and how gorgeous it looks. I think Greece would have a big impact on our country because they so differently and langauges are different.