Pixhug news

March 14th, 2016

Growing our market in Canada

Pixhug has positioned itself as a global brand from its inception, but to successfully scale we must conquer each market one by one. For the next 3 weeks our business development team will focus on Canadian businesses and charities and we will report on their success during that time. With organizations like Free the Children and Scotiabank already in closing negotiations, we are very proud to continue to expand our reach in Canada.

New team member profile: Allen Pike

Allen is in charge of design and development of our iOS and Android apps. He previously worked as a Software Engineer at Apple on iWork.com and iWork for iPad. He is the principal at Steamclock software, has taught at Simon Fraser University and plays on a hockey team comprised entirely of programmers.

Maintaining a lean operation

Our controller and CPA, Michael Casale, is always on the lookout to keep the cost of our operations as low as possible without compromising results. In the latest decision we have transitioned our payroll processing from ADP to the in-house team and realized savings of over $1200/year. These small changes might seem negligible, but make significant difference at year end. Similar decisions that we have made this year have saved Pixhug over $50,000. Keep up the great work, Michael!

Upcoming events and meetings

UCLA: The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Thursday, March 24th, 6:30pm

1261 Angelo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA

Our founder & CEO will join Anthony Pritzker, Al Gore, Google (Alphabet) CEO Eric Schmidt and Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos among others in the discussions on the protection of our planet.

Quote of the day: "Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly"

Robert F. Kennedy