6th grade Cardinal Corner

September 7th-11th Issue #3

Welcome Back Everyone!

This year is certainly going to be different than previous school years! We hope that whether you are at school or virtual that you are starting to settle into a routine. Please reach out any 6th grade teacher if you have questions or concerns. Here a a few items that we would like you to know at this time.

Friendly Reminders!!

  • Students must wear a mask all day unless eating or drinking, or playing outside.
  • Students don't need carry all of their school materials around each day. Just bring materials needed for that day. This will make their backpacks lighter.
  • If it makes it easier, they can just carry a trapper keeper or just a backpack. They don't need both. Talk to your son or daughter and see what works best for them.

Notes from Mrs. Edwards

This week in literacy students learned about having a growth mindset! Hopefully the powerpoint helped explain what it was and how to talk positively. We will revisit this concept many times throughout the year! Technology cooperated a little better this week for me with only a couple of hang ups towards the end of the week, so once again thank you for your patience while I'm at home.

Next week, we plan to start our first novel unit with a book called The Misfits by James Howe. This is one of my favorite books to teach because it's about a group of middle school students who get picked on quite a bit, but then find a way to improve their school and make other students more aware of the things they say. Now, some of you may be thinking, "How is a novel unit going to work online?" Well, my hope is that the free trial that I found will allow us to use the novel online. Some students will be able to use the actual printed copies at school, but with sanitizing procedures on books being tricky, it might not work for every class like it has in the past. We will work together and I'll get better at making documents that students can make copies of to do their work!

Please remember that there is an assignment each Friday that is due by Monday. The students read an article that I assign on www.readworks.org and then answer the questions. Last week, I gave 5 points to anyone that completed it, no matter what they scored. (They still have time to accomplish this since not very many of them did it.) This week, I will be changing that. They will get 5 points for 100% and then less points after that, BUT they can redo the assignment if they are not happy with their score. If they want to redo the assignment for a better grade, they can email me and ask me to reset the Readworks and make sure to include the title of the article.

Any questions, please email me. I look forward to meeting everyone in October when I return from maternity leave.


Notes from P.E. (Mrs. Cavanagh & Ms. Ketelsen)

Hi 6th grade!

We've had a great couple of weeks in PE, thank you. Just a couple of reminders:

  • Students need to have tennis shoes for class. I had a few sandals, crocs and boots this week.
  • Activity Logs begin on Monday and end on Sunday. These need to be signed (electronically) by an adult and submitted by Monday the following week for points. Students need a minimum of 180 minutes for the week and activity on at least 3 days of the week!
  • If you have questions with anything, please contact me!

Mrs. Cavanagh & Ms. Ketelsen

Notes from Mrs. Decker

This week in math class we did a lot of practice with our multiplication math facts. We did a number snake, played Kaboom!, and multiplication GimKit. Throughout the course of the year, we will continue to practice these facts to help us feel confident in them. Next week we will start to practice multiplying and dividing large numbers. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns (rdecker@maquoketaschools.org)

~Ms. Decker

Notes from Ms. Lanham & Schroeder

Hello All!!

I am happy to announce that Mrs. Schroeder will be student teaching in my class over the next several weeks. I will still be in the classroom overseeing academics and behavior. The students have been great over the past two weeks and please let me know if you need anything. Please utilize Zoom Office hours if you have any questions.


Hello All!

My name is Gennifer Schroeder and I will be student teaching in Ms. Lanham's room for the next 6 weeks. I live in Maquoketa with my husband and our dog, Sophie. I am currently completing my teaching degree from William Penn University and will graduate in May. This student teaching placement is the first of two within the district.

I have already really enjoyed getting to know and working with the students the first two weeks of this semester already and am looking forward to working with your students in Computer and Social Studies classes!

Notes from Mrs. Johannsen

Science & STEM

In Science class next week we will continue learning about atoms, molecules, and elements. We will also be working on how to read what chemical symbols are on the periodic table.

In STEM class on Tuesday, we will take a quiz over the basics of fingerprinting basics. Then with the remainder of the week, we will be learning about Handwriting Analysis.

As always please let me know if you have questions as we move forward.

-Mrs. Johannsen

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