Cinderella or Cinderella Skeleton

done by Serenity M. and Kobi C.

Compare and contrast


  • They are both treated poorly
  • Both have 2 stepsisters
  • Going to a ball

  • One is the original, one is a Halloween version
  • Cinderella meets her fairy godmother, Cinderella skeleton meets a witch
  • One has skin, the other is all bones

10 Finger Summary


Cinderella's mom makes her stay home until her godmother comes

Cinderella Skeleton

Cinderella Skeleton's mom made her stay home but she didn't

Which Do You Like Best Kobi?


Because it is the original and don't really like the other one

Which Do You Like Best Serenity?

Cinderella Skeleton

Because it is very creative and funny. I also like it because it is a Halloween version of the original.